40K Miniture Model - Bonesinger
40K Miniture Model - Primaris Psyker


This is just a basic order form to cover the broad strokes. I will email you for more detailed information and to discuss prices for variable options.


  • Model(s) must be sent at your own expense..
  • I will buy the model(s) of your choice. On top of the purchase price of the model(s) an additional acquisition fee, starting at $10, will be charged..
  • Starts at $10 and depends on the number being striped.
    'Citadel Finecast' model(s) are not elegable for paint striping.
  • Do any of the models need to be put together?
    Starts at $10 and depends on the number being assembled.
  • Price varies depending on features and number of magnets required.


Customized to your choice of color scheme.

× $20
ex: HQ, Lord, or Hero
× $30
ex: Tactical Maries
× $30
ex: Terminators
× $40
ex: Reaver Jetbikes, Nightly Orders
× $50
ex: Demon Princes, Dragons
× $50
ex: Leman Russ Battle Tank

Shipping and Handling

Price varies depending on the size and weight of the package, and location it's being sent to.

  • Rates
  • The going rate of the shipping choice.

Contact Information